Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Wolfmother - Wolfmother (2005)

It's 2008 and the trio Wolfmother are here to stay. Releasing songs that thirty years ago would have been branded copies or unoriginal, but nowadays earn you a Grammy for the best hard-rock performance, as Wolfmother did in 2007.

Their songs have been featured on iPod and Mitsubishi Lancer adverts, Guitar Hero 2 game and countless films.

We don't intend to undermine the bands' work with these comments, in fact it's actually the other way around, as they are a genuine rock band, and not a gimmick.

Brace yourself for a trip back in time to when Rock was hard,girls didn't have fake boobs, acid was free and your Dad still managed two a night.

Wolfmother (2005)
1- Dimension 2- White Unicorn 3- Woman 4- Where Eagles Have Been 5- Apple Tree 6- Joker & the Thief 7- Colossal 8- Mind's Eye 9- Pyramid 10- Witchcraft 11- Tales 12- Love Train 13- Vagabond

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